The Real Deal

March 1, 2017

By Matthew Egan

What are the biggest obstacles to creating multifamily projects in the suburbs? The factors can be more challenging when you build outside of New York City. This is all-encompassing, if you are developing multifamily or condo in a neighborhood where this is a unique type of dwelling, where, for instance, the norm may be stick-built homes, there is a certain adjustment period for the local agencies.

What are some of the design concerns of these kinds of developments? We aim to maximize the footprint for optimal light and air, ensuring the living space is commensurate to bedroom count, while also maintaining the appropriate proportions for the sleeping quarters. Those common spaces are especially important to a family, and we try to maximize space and design for all uses of the property.

What are some of the things you consider when determining the amenities that will be built as part of a new project? Has that changed over the years? There is a certain level of service and convenience that residents look for when they decide to live in a condominium or multifamily development in the suburbs. Additionally, we have found people appreciate and expect things like parking, a pool, gym and a lounge. These amenities lend themselves to creating a sense of community within the development as well.